FMX Freestyle Motocross Extreme Stunt Shows and Demonstrations


Welcome! to the freestyle motocross home page of the Brigade FMX stunt team!  The Brigade is a rider formed company with the objective of bringing the exiting spectacle of freestyle motocross, freestyle quads, freestyle snowmobiles, or street bike stunts to your next special event! Check out our parent companies website Brigade Action Sports Entertainment for more information on the exteme stunt shows the Brigade offers. Be it a local demo at a county fair, a huge corporate event for your company, a monster truck show, biker rally stunt show, music festival.....the Brigade can tailor make a extreme show for any occasion!


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The Show
Freestyle motocross, quads, or snowmobiles or “FMX” is the hottest extreme sport out there right now! There is nothing else that can compare to some one jumping a 250 pound motorcycle, ATV (400 lbs. !!), or snowmobile (600 lbs. !!) 75 ft. through the air, all while hanging off of the back of it by one hand! 

There are 2 ways in which the Brigade can bring freestyle motocross, snowcross, or quads to you.

1- A fmx ramp to ramp demo. This is where we supply everything you would need for the show.  A metal take off ramp as well as a portable metal FMX landing ramp.  The benefits of a ramp to ramp show is that it can be done almost anywhere, and it leaves the customer with little setup worries. We pull up, setup up, and are ready to go!

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2- A FMX ramp to dirt show. In this instance, we bring with us to the show only our metal take off ramp.  The customer is relied upon to supply us with a dirt landing ramp.  Benefits of this method are that the customer can end up saving money by not having to include the large portable landing in the cost of the show.  If dirt, and the machinery to move it are readily available, this may be the way to go!


We are a fully self contained operation, leaving the event promoter with no worries! We have 2 different fully portable ramp setups. The first being a smaller setup better suited for shows with tighter space requirements such as arena shows. The second is our larger that works great for out door fairs and festivals where space is not an issue! If necessary we also can supply our own spectator liability insurance!

Street Bike StuntsStreet bike stunts
That's right! The brigade also offers the excitement of bringing street bike stunts to your next event! Street bike stunting is the next big thing in the extreme sports world! These guys perform all kinds of amazing feats on their 1000lb motorcycles! Where most normal people find it a challenge just riding one of these high powered street bikes down the road....the guys from Brigade FMX street team take it to the next level by almost never touching down on 2 wheels!

Add street bike stunts to a FMX demo making your event an all out motor sports melee! Or if you choose you can just hire the Brigade FMX street bike team to come perform solo at your event. All that we require to perform is a flat level paved area.

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Freestyle Motocross Riders
The Brigade offers some of the most talented FMX riders in the world! Along with phenomenal bike skills comes our unique fun and entertaining image that most other FMX teams fall short of delivering! We know that it’s not just all about the riding, but that entertaining a crowed is the main objective!

All of our riders have a crazy outgoing personalities that crowds adhere to and cant take their eyes off of! Crowd interaction is our riders favorite part of doing shows! With our colorful presence and showmanship, spectators are sure to be left with lasting memories for years to come!


freestyle team range
The Brigade is the craziest FMX stunt team in the world! The Brigade has two hubs, one based out of Minneapolis MN, and the other out of Phoenix AZ.  With this dual location setup, it allows us to bring a freestyle motocross show or any of our stunt shows to you the promoter at the most competitive rates.

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why hire fmx
There are 2 reasons to why you should use Brigade FMX stunt team for your next event!-

Between all of our riders we have over 1000 different shows under our belt! The Brigade employs only the most seasoned and professional athletes in the sport of freestyle motocross, quads, SFX, and street bike stunters. By using only the best talent in the industry we can ensure you our client a worry free show every time!


With great experience comes great accountability. We provide a team of professionals that will show up on time, and present a professional image every time we are called to the stage! We are not a bunch of pre-madona punk kids that are difficult to work with. We aren't going to show up late, trash hotel rooms, or swear at little kids!